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Abinger Parish Council

Abinger Common speed campaign - please write in today

By Trevor Haylett Abinger Parish Council

Friday, 28 September 2018


Abinger Parish Council Contributor


Abinger Parish Council, like everyone in Abinger Common, would like a sensible speed limit through the village. Earlier this year Surrey County Council added to the Integrated Transport Schemes list a proposed scheme for a speed limit, but as yet funds have not been made available. To try and move to the next stage and get the scheme funded, it is very important that everyone contacts the County Council NOW to ask that funding is provided in the 2019/20 budget.
People should write in saying whether they want a 40 mph or a 30 mph limit. Of course a 30 mph limit will require a sign at the entrance to the village (where the derestriction sign is now); a 40 mph limit would not require any sign at this point. You may also want to ask for a 20 mph limit by the school. 
Please also give the reasons why you feel a limit is required on road safety grounds - parked cars; no footway; children going to school; pedestrians going to the church and the pub; no lighting and so on.
You should email Surrey Highways at highways@surreycc.gov.uk. It would be helpful to send a copy to County Councillor Hazel Watson at hva.watson@btinternet.com so that she is aware of what has been said when discussing the issue within the County.Council.
Please write as soon as possible, and in any event by the 30th September. That is when County Council officers will be preparing for next year's budget.

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