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Abinger Parish Council

Agenda for Monday's Public Meeting

By Trevor Haylett Abinger Parish Council

Sunday, 16 September 2018


Abinger Parish Council Contributor


The Agenda for the Public Meeting called by Abinger Parish Council to discuss Mole Valley District Council's suggested village boundaries for (i) Abinger Hammer and (ii) Abinger Common is reproduced below.

Copies of the Agenda will be available at the Meeting which will be held on Monday 17th September at Abinger Hammer Village Hall at 8:00 pm. A plan of MVDC's suggested boundaries can be found by clicking here or by going to www.futuremolevalley.org/villages.


                                      Abinger Parish Council

                                                            MEETING AT THE ABINGER HAMMER VILLAGE HALL

                                                                         17th SEPTEMBER 2018 at 8.00pm

                                                                ‘MODEST EXPANSION OF EXISTING VILLAGES’


1.    Introductions

2.    Explanation of the purpose of the meeting, and a summary of the issues

3.   Questions about the issues

4.    Discussion - should there be a boundary and if so where should it be. There may be different answers for Abinger Hammer and Abinger Common. Speakers will be requested to say which village they live in, and which village they want to talk about

5.   A vote for each village on 1) Should there be a boundary and 2) Where the boundary - if any - should be.

Abinger Parish Council wants everyone at the meeting to be able to speak, and asks that everyone respects that


Contact Information

Beccy Anderson

  • 07981 558163

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