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Abinger Parish Council

Minutes of 15th May 2017 Parish Council meeting ...2

By Parish Council Clerk Abinger Parish Council

Tuesday, 4 July 2017


Abinger Parish Council Contributor



11/5/17: Playgrounds - There had been some response from parents to the posting on the website of the three different proposals for the Abinger Common playground refurbishment. The Clerk said he was keen to bring an end to the process and the next step was to make a grant application to The London Marathon Trust.


12/5/17: Neighbourhood Plan - The Clerk said he had approached Guy Davies, Planning Policy Officer for MVDC, who is willing to speak to the Parish Council about the process involved in drawing up a Neighbourhood Plan.
Action: The Clerk will circulate Councillors as to which dates were appropriate to hold the public meeting.


13/5/17: Byelaws - RF said he had heard back from the Department of Communities and Local Government who informed him that consideration of the PC’s revised byelaws would be finalised after the General Election.


14/5/17: Abinger Hammer TV programme - The Clerk explained that the Parish Council had been approached to enter Abinger Hammer for a new TV programme aimed at finding ‘Britain’s Best Village’. RD’s view was that none of the villages in the parish would welcome any additional publicity and it was agreed not to take it any further.


15/5/17: Clerk’s Contract - The Clerk signed his contract during the meeting. This is the contract drawn up at the start of his tenure – November 2015 – with the amendment of a change of contacted hours (from 11 a week to 13) that came into effect in February 2017 and an addition to the effect that the Parish Council agreed to contribute to a pension for him. This began in February 2017. Both the Chairman and the Clerk signed two copies of the contract.


16/5/17: Future Meetings -     17th July -  Okewood Hill Village Hall;  18th September – Forest Green Village Hall; 
                                                20th November  - Abinger Hammer Village Hall

The meeting closed at 21:35pm

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