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By Beccy Anderson Abinger Parish Council

Sunday, 31 May 2020


Abinger Parish Council Contributor


Abinger Parish Council are aware of problems that have arisen with the influx of visitors to the village green since the easing of lockdown restrictions. We would like to thank residents that have emailed the Parish Council and have taken it upon themselves to collect rubbish left by day-trippers.

The Parish Council are in contact with Mole Valley District Council and working with the Parks Department, Refuse and the Joint Enforcement Team. We would like you to know we are:-

  • Rubbish/Litter – We arranging with Mole Valley to collect any excess litter/rubbish already collected. Please email the Parish Clerk to organise. We would not recommend that residents collect litter due to the risk involved. The Parish Council will liaise with Mole Valley to arrange for this to be done safely.
  • Rubbish Bins – We are liaising with Mole Valley to install rubbish bins in the village car park as soon as possible.
  • Signage – We will install temporary banners on the side of the green stating expected behaviours/rules visitors need to abide by.
  • Parking – The Joint Enforcement Team (JET) have already sent enforcement officers to the site and the Parish Clerk is in contact with them on an ongoing basis to remedy the illegal parking to our best ability. Any residents which safety concerns should telephone the Police on 101
  • Public Health concerns – We are aware that the site is being used as a public convenience by some visitors. The Portaloos, previously on site in the car park during the summer months were curtesy of RideLondon and given that current Coronavirus guidance has closed all public toilets within Mole Valley we are unable to remedy this immediately. Please be assured that the Parish Council will continue to work with Mole Valley to resolve this problem as guidance/restrictions change. We will also be flagging this as a public health concern with the Environmental Health Team.
  • Social Distancing – Any residents with concerns regarding this should telephone the Police on 101 as this is not a matter for individuals or the Parish Council.

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Beccy Anderson

  • 07716 928430

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