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Abinger Parish Council

Agenda for Parish Council Meeting - Monday March 20th

By Parish Council Clerk Abinger Parish Council

Friday, 17 March 2017


Abinger Parish Council Contributor



The Public Bodies [Admission to Meetings] Act 1960 provides that meetings of local councils shall be open to the public. Provision is made for excluding the public by resolution when confidential business is being considered or there are other special reasons and publicity would be prejudicial to the public interest. Items which appear in Part 2 of the agenda are submitted for consideration when members of the public may, by resolution, have been excluded.

Monday 20 March 2017 at 8:30pm approx

Village Hall, Abinger Hammer

Chair: Ros Doree

Distribution: Parish Councillors, District Councillors and the general public

Agenda Part One

1:To Welcome Councillors and public and to receive apologies for absence.

2: To receive any declarations of interests in respect of any items on the agenda.

3: To confirm and sign Minutes of the meeting held on 23 January 2017.

4: Finances
    (i)  Financial Statement - To receive Clerk’s financial report and to authorise issue of cheques.
    (ii) Internal Auditor – To consider appointment of Mark Mulberry.
    (iii) Internet Banking - Update.
    (iv) Section 137 Grants – Wasp Bus

 5: PUBLIC QUESTION TIME (5 minutes) - prior notice of any question to your Parish Councillor please.

 6: Juniper Hall

 7: Abinger Hammer
     (i) To discuss dates for clearing under the bridge
     (ii) Litter bins/Rubbish disposal

 8: Highways  - Update

 9: Planning Applications received since the last meeting:-
     MO/2017/0259/PLAH -  9, Elmers Road, Ockley – Detailed Householder
     MO/2017/0267/PLAH  - 4 Kings Cottages, Stane Street, Ockley – Detailed Householder
     MO/2017/0172/PLAH - Cobbetts, Lyefield Lane, Forest Green – Detailed Householder
     MO/2017/0173/LBC - Cobbetts, Lyefield Lane, Forest Green – Listed Building Consent
     MO/2017/0240/PLA - 1 and 2 Park Cottages, Beare Green Road, Ockley - Detailed
     MO/2017/0238/PLAH - Dragon Roost, Horsham Road, Wallis Wood – Detailed Householder
     MO/2017/0235/PLAH - Dragon Roost, Horsham Road, Wallis Wood – Detailed Householder
     MO/2017/0226/PLAH - The Old Stores, Froggetts Lane, Wallis Wood – Detailed Householder
     MO/2017/0192/PLAH - Oak Tree Cottage, Froggetts Lane, Wallis Wood – Detailed Householder
     MO/2017/0159/PLAH - Holbrook Farm, Weare Street, Ockley - Detailed Householder
     MO/2017/0229/EBC - Land at Pippen Manor, Walliswood Green Road, Wallis Wood – Electricity Board
     MO/2017/0130/PLAH - Blue Bell Cottage, Horsham Road, Wallis Wood - Detailed Householder
     MO/2017/0129/PLA - Punchmead, Okewood Hill  - Detailed
     MO/2017/0128/PCL - Farleys Cottage, Walliswood Green Road, Wallis Wood – Proposed Certificate of
                                   Lawful Use
     MO/2016/1209/PLAH - Vann Farm Cottage, Vann Farm Road, Ockley - Detailed Householder
     MO/2017/0125/PLAH - Farleys Cottage, Walliswood Green Road, Wallis Wood - Detailed Householder
     MO/2017/0011/PLAH - Youngs, Coles Lane, Ockley - Detailed Householder
     MO/2017/0007/PLAH - Hazels, Walliswood Green Road, Wallis Wood - Detailed Householder
     MO/2017/0113/PLAH - Woodside, Abinger Lane, Abinger - Detailed Householder
     MO/2016/2049/PLA - Parklands, Horsham Road, Forest Green - Detailed
     MO/2016/2048/PLA -                     ditto
     MO/2017/0044/CAT -  Park View, Stane Street, Ockley – Conservation Area Trees

10: Playgrounds

11: Neighbourhood Plan

12: Bye-Laws

13: Parish Council Website

14: To Agree Dates of future Parish Council meetings:
        15 May 2017 – Evelyn Hall, Abinger Common, *Annual Meeting*
        17 July 2017 – Okewood Hill

 15:  Additional items to discuss/Events/Correspondence/Invitations

 16: Part Two
             To consider excluding the public from the remainder of the meeting having regard to the nature of the business to be discussed









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