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Abinger Parish Council

Important Planning Meeting on Thursday

By Parish Council Clerk Abinger Parish Council

Tuesday, 4 July 2017


Abinger Parish Council Contributor


Mr Guy Davies, Planning Policy Manager for Mole Valley District Council, will speak at an Open Meeting on Thursday 6th July about what is involved should Abinger Parish Council decide to introduce a Neighbourhood Plan.

The meeting is at Evelyn Hall, Abinger Common at 7:30pm.

Residents are encouraged to attend and have a say in the future of your community.  A Neighbourhood Plan is a comprehensive and lengthy document that would have to be compliant with Local and National Planning Guidance.  If adopted it would be a material consideration in the planning process. A Housing Needs Survey would first be held to establish how and where the parish would be willing for development to take place.

There are alternative considerations which could have a role to play. One is a Village Design Guide which is set up to describe a village, its attributes and character as well as any specific design features. It is used to provide guidance for anyone seeking the principle of development.

In addition Abinger Parish Council, along with every other Parish Council in Mole Valley, is being asked for its views about proposals for development that will form the basis for MVDC’s next Local Plan.

Entitled Future Mole Valley, the project will set out plans for land use in the District for the next 15 years; it will include targets for delivering new development as well as setting out those areas which will continue to be protected. 

Urging local involvement, Duncan Irvine, MVDC’s Executive Member for Planning, said the aim was to help households who are struggling to find suitable, affordable accommodation, create better conditions for local businesses and adapt to the changing demands with regard to retail and leisure services.

“This is about the future of the District for everybody who lives here, so it is vital that we understand what you think,” Mr Irvine said.  “Doing nothing is not an option. It is clear that development will have to take place to meet these needs, and we want to positively shape how and where that development goes for the benefit of all.”

The consultation runs from 1st July to 12th August and as part of a number of roadshows, MVDC will visit Abinger Hammer Village Hall on Monday 7th August between 4pm-8pm to meet residents and receive views direct. The consultation – which is not about specific sites but on the best approach to achieve new development - will focus on two main themes: making the best use of brownfield land, and the potential release of greenfield land. 

Mr Irvine added: “This is an opportunity for everyone in our District to help shape the direction of development to meet the housing and economic needs of Mole Valley, whilst protecting the countryside that we all love so much.  We need your views because we need to get this right, so please do take part. “

A video is available to view on MVDC’s website at www.futuremolevalley.org.

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