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Abinger Parish Council

New Byelaws for Abinger Parish - Parts 1 and 2

By Richard Frost Abinger Parish Council

Friday, 3 February 2017


Abinger Parish Council Vice-Chairman




General Interpretation

In these byelaws:

              “the Council” means Abinger Parish Council

               “the ground” means any of the grounds listed in Schedule 1

                “designated area” means an area in the ground which is set aside for a specified purpose, that area and its purpose to be indicated by    notices placed in a conspicuous position or otherwise clearly indicated;

                “invalid carriage” means a vehicle, whether mechanically propelled or not,

                (a)          the unladen weight of which does not exceed 150 kilograms,

                (b)          the width of which does not exceed 0.85 metres, and

                (c)           which has been constructed or adapted for use for the carriage of a person suffering from a disability, and used solely by such a   person.


These byelaws apply to  all of the grounds listed in Schedule 1 unless otherwise stated




Protection of structures and plants

(1)          No person shall without reasonable excuse remove from or displace within the ground:

(a)          any barrier, post, seat or implement, or any part of a structure or ornament provided for use in the laying out or maintenance of the ground; or

(b)          any stone, soil or turf or the whole or any part of any plant, shrub or tree.

(2)          No person shall walk on or ride, drive or station a horse or any vehicle over:

(a)          any flower bed, shrub or plant;

(b)          any ground in the course of preparation as a flower bed or for the growth of any tree, shrub or plant; or

(c)          any part of the ground set aside by the Council for the renovation of turf or for other landscaping purposes and indicated by a notice conspicuously displayed.

(3)          No person shall without the consent of the Council use any herbicide, pesticide or insecticide

Unauthorised erection of structures

No person shall without the consent of the Council erect any barrier, sign, notice post, ride or swing, building, tent, gazebo or any other structure, whether temporary or permanent.

No planting

No person shall without the consent of the Council plant any tree shrub bulb or plant of any description or sow any seed


No person shall without reasonable excuse climb any wall or fence in or enclosing the ground, or any tree, or any barrier, railing, post or other structure.


No person shall without the consent of the Council or in exercise of any right of common turn out or permit any animal for which he is responsible to graze in the ground.

Protection of wildlife

No person shall kill, injure, take or disturb any animal, or engage in hunting or shooting or the setting of traps or the laying of snares.


No person shall without the consent of the Council erect a tent or gazebo, or use for the purpose of camping a vehicle, caravan or any other structure


(1)          No person shall light or tend a fire or operate a barbecue, or place, throw or drop a lighted match or any other thing likely to cause a fire.

(2)          Byelaw 12(1) shall not apply to the lighting of a fire at any event for which the Council has given permission that fires may be lit.


    No person shall throw or use any device to propel or discharge in the ground any object which is liable to cause injury to any other person.

Interference with life-saving equipment

No person shall except in case of emergency remove from or displace within the ground or otherwise tamper with any life-saving appliance provided by the Council.

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